ReConnecting is for everyone

ReConnecting is here to help you – we have fun, we make things, we stitch and we laugh and support each other.


How We Work

At ReConnecting, we engage with users and value and respect the opinions and ideas given to us. User feedback is key to our decision making process.  We are a service organisation and we strive to meet users’ needs. 

Our service base is UK-wide and we conduct the majority of our services online as this is more inclusive to users with mobility or transport issues., the ability for users to engage in activities from their own homes can help some to feel safer.

Connect together

In order to give you the services you want or need, we need you to tell us what that is. We aim to provide sessions that get people together, have interesting talks, chatting during and after crafts sessions. 

You have a voice!

We hold regular meetings to talk to participants and anyone else who may be interested in what we currently do and to give us ideas for new sessions and improvements to current sessions. 

do you have any questions?

We welcome any questions, suggestions, or any feedback.